Hair Care

Prevent Harmful Effects of Using Shampoo Too Often

There are many harmful effects of shampooing daily or four to five times a week. Although there is no set frequency when you should wash your hair, experts agree to shampoo your hair every other day strikes an ideal balance.
However, if you choose to shampoo your hair more often than that, then you should be aware of the damage your hair is going to suffer from. There are ways you can prevent that from happening.

How to combat the harmful effects of shampoo too often

Use a Shampoo which isn’t Too Drying

Shampooing your hair too often can strip the natural oils from the hair and scalp which leave them to be dry. The hair which is devoid of its natural oils appearing dull and is more prone to frizz and breakage. If your hair is dry and dull, choosing a shampoo made for dry hair can help compensate the damage wreaked by the shampoo. The Kerastase shampoo for dry hair has an innovative formula which is targeted towards dry, sensitized hair. It gives an extra dose of nutrition and nourishes and softens the hair. The specialized shampoo also protects the hair from further drying out. The hair feels super soft and supple with enhanced shine.

Protect your Hair Color

Using shampoo on the hair too often gets rid of the color and can also make it brassy looking. The shampoo washes out the toner in the hair which fades the color quickly. Water alone can wash off the color. But using a shampoo which is specifically designed for color-treated hair can slow down the process of color fading. Using a targeted shampoo for color treated hair can prolong the color in your hair. The shampoo from Kerastase is a big hit among salons. The KÉRASTASE Reflection Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair prevents the hair cuticle to open up while shampooing which in turn prevents the color to seep out. So every time you wash your hair, the shampoo goes the extra mile to ensure your pretty color stays put. It also happens to be a sulfate free shampoo which enhances the shine and vibrancy of your hair.

Hair Breakage

Shampooing the hair often can lead to hair breakage which can result in thin or short hair. Using shampoo specialized for long hair can prevent unnecessary breakage and hair fall. Kerastase makes a shampoo especially for strengthening hair and ensuring you get less hair on the brush or the shower drain. The shampoo lives up to its name and creates resistance to hair fall while protecting the hair roots and lengths. If you have weakened or damaged hair, the Resistance shampoo is ideal for you. It recovers hair fiber’s perfect condition and seals hair cuticles from root to ends. You will experience a healthy scalp environment which naturally promotes hair health. The shampoo works to optimizes and reinforce the length of damaged hair to make it look smooth and polished.

Hair Damage and Split Ends

Shampooing the hair often can lead to split ends and make them look ratty. Choosing a shampoo which promotes moisture while cleaning can be the perfect solution to split ends due to dryness. The shampoo from Briogeo, don’t despair- repair, does justice to its name. It is an ultra-hydrating shampoo which delivers a surge of intensive moisture while cleaning out oil, dirt, and build up from the hair. It is ideal for every hair type, from straight to coiled. The shampoo restores essential hydration and nutrient to the hair. The cleansing experience delivered by the shampoo also includes repairing benefits for damaged hair. The moisture shampoo has an innovative formula which provides both of an intense cleansing action with the moisture of a deep conditioning mask. The hair will not feel weighed down nor stripped of its colors. The natural extracts of the shampoo repair and hydrate the hair. It is a great alternative shampoo for a co-wash.

Dry/Flaky Scalp

The dry and flaky scalp is a common issue for many, no matter if you shampoo every day or twice a week. The coconut oil and charcoal micro-exfoliating shampoo address this problem perfectly. The flaky and dry scalp can be itchy too. The coconut oil in the scalp scrub adds hydration to the scalp while soothing it. The charcoal eliminates the flakiness and makes it feel smooth. No more embarrassing flakes in the hair. The scalp scrub exfoliates, detoxifies, balances and soothes the scalp to deliver optimal scalp health. It also removes buildup to give weightless and bouncy hair. The vegan scalp scrub has a cooling blend of spearmint and peppermint oil which reduces scalp itchiness. The coconut oil gives superior moisturization to prevent flakiness and dryness. The panthenol in the hair product delivers essential nutrients to strengthen the hair roots and shaft. It is a cruelty-free product which is formulated without silicones, gluten, DEA or synthetic dyes.

Curly Hair

Choosing the right shampoo for curly hair can be extra tricky. It has to strike the right balance between cleaning the hair without stripping it from essential moisture. Curly hair doesn’t hold moisture that well to begin with so the shampoo has to extra gentle. The wrong choice for the shampoo can leave the curly hair dry and frizzy. This is where the ever so popular no poo shampoo from DevaCurl comes into the picture. It is a zero lather conditioning cleanser which hits the bull’s eye. Although it doesn’t make any lather, it does a great job at cleansing the hair without drying it. In fact, it delivers a strong dose of moisture to the hair all the while cleansing it. The cleansing conditioner gently cleanses the scalp and adds shine. So, you get gorgeous curls. The special cleansing conditioner keeps the hair healthy looking and hydrated. It has peppermint and grapeseed oil which cleans and stimulates the scalp without taking away the natural oils your curls need. The hair looks shiny, bouncy and beautiful.

Heat Protection

If you shampoo your hair every day, the chances of using heat on hair also increase. If there was a shampoo which can not only clean the hair but also provide heat protection will be awesome. And there is one. The Oil Ultime shampoo from Kerastase nourishes the hair and scalp and aids in heat protection. It is an oil-enriched shampoo which gives protection and nutrition to hair. It revives the natural strength of hair while adding shine. The shampoo also addresses nutrition deficiencies of hair to make it look more gorgeous than ever. The hair will be left feeling rich to touch and flourished. There are no parabens in this shampoo. Apart from the shampoo, the whole ultime range from Kerastase works in synergy to give you the best hair of life.

Loss of Shine

Frequent shampooing can also lead to dull hair with no or lesser shine. The easiest way to combat dull hair is to use a moisturising shampoo which adds hydration and moisture back to hair and make it look polished and shiny. The maintenance shampoo from Olaplex is a reparative shampoo which makes hair easy to manage, shiny and healthier with each use. It also maintains and repairs the bonds within the hair. The shampoo works well to eliminate flyaways and frizz. You will experience less breakage every day. The shampoo is good for color treated hair. It strengthens all types of hair by relining broken bonds.

Smooth Hair

Ouai smooth shampoo does exactly what it says. The shampoo works well to smooth the hair while you are cleansing it to allow you to use lesser hair products after the shower. It tames frizz to give smooth and shiny hair. The shampoo also works to create sleek and smooth hair while providing humidity resistance. It is infused with the brand’s smart technology which calms frizz, cleanses hair and replenishes moisture to make hair extremely smooth. The brand doesn’t test on animals. The smooth shampoo is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner. It has the delicious fragrance of Italian lemon, Turkish rose, jasmine sambac, lily, iris, and white musk.

Loss of volume

Thinning hair is a problem which is becoming more and more common every day. Using a shampoo which targets thinning hair helps you to tackle the problem from the first step. Such is a shampoo from Kerastase. The volumizing shampoo called, densifique bodifying, is a gentle yet thorough cleanser which leaves hair with more resilience, substance, and strength. It also adds fullness, lushness and strengthens the hair making it look and feel fuller. The hair lacking density will be left with more volume. The hair appears stronger and healthier looking.

UV Protection

Using a sunscreen every day for hair is as essential as using it on the skin. Thankfully the brands are coming out with more products which protect your hair from harmful UV rays. Using a shampoo which does just that takes away a step from the hair care routine. The Bumble and Bumble hairdresser’s invisible shampoo protects the hair against UV rays. It is a multitasking hydrating shampoo which features six featherlight oils to instantly transform coarse, dry, frizzy hair to soft, smooth, silky hair. It delivers rich and lightweight moisture. The hair is left smoothen, silken and detangled. The shampoo can also be used for color and chemically treated hair. It is truly a magical product for any type of hair.