Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman

Trying to find an ideal gift for a wise 35 year old woman can be tricky. So we have taken the guess out of the gift giving ans picked out the best gift ideas for her.

35th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

DON’T JUDGE ME – Funny Wine Glass Gift – 21oz Stemless

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The funny wine glass set is ready to bring you some laughs. The stemless wine glass is the perfect gift for a 35 year old woman who likes to drink wine in the evening with her friends or while hosting. The capacity of the glass is twenty-one ounces which means it can hold a half a bottle of wine without the judgment. The heavy glass is durable and will withstand heavy use. The printing is of high quality and will not chip or fade. Easily wash the glass in a dishwasher if you don’t want to wash it with hand. All the products are hand inspected by the brand which ensures good quality products.

Herbivore Botanicals – All Natural Pink Clay Cleansing Soap Bar
The pink clay is known to draw out impurities and toxins from deep within the skin without still hydrating, nourishing and replenishing it. The soap reveals a refreshed skin with a silky smooth texture and clean skin The citrus and floral scent of the soap is invigorating. The pink clay soap can be used on the face and body. It is 100% natural and 100% vegan. The four ounces size will last for a long time. The pink clay soap is a good gift idea for a 35 year old woman who is serious about her skin care. She will be delighted to get the soap which doesn’t contain fillers, artificial ingredients, animal ingredients, sulfates, fragrances, artificial colors or unnatural preservatives. The brand makes the products in small batches in the US. You will get the finest ingredients which are ethically sources from around the world.
Gianna Rose Seashell Soaps in a Pearlized Shell Dish

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The seashell soaps in the shell dish bring the seaside a year-round sensation for you. No matter if you live near the water or not, the seashell soaps will make you feel you are near a sea. The products contain four triple milled seashell soaps, which resemble intricate shells, placed in a jewel-like, naturally polished, abalone shell which takes the place of a soap dish. The soaps are elegantly fragranced with baby jasmine and white honeysuckle, the treasures like soaps come wrapped in a stunning letterpressed gift box with the added touch of a satin ribbon. The seashell soaps with the shell dish make a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who has a penchant for seaside things. These will complement any home décor.
Northern Lights Candles Spirit Jar Candle
You will be amused with the snappy snippets of spirits related tidbits. The jar candle has a natural cork top. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who loves peculiar looking candles. It delivers a burn time of thirty-five hours. Pair the gorgeous scent with your favorite glass of wine and enjoy the downtime.
Cat Tiki Mugs

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The set of cat tiki mugs comes in 4 eight ounces mugs. The mugs are made of glazed ceramic and are recommended to hand wash them. These can’t be used in a microwave. Add feline touch to any Hawaiian tiki bar or Polynesian cocktail lounge. The tiki mugs look vintage and hold ice cold milk or any of your favorite fruity drink. The tiki mugs are a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to add a Hawaiian touch to her every day drinking.
The exotic mermaid sea salt spray delivers those sexy beach waves. The sea salt spray contains the right blend of coconut oil, Himalayan sea salt, water and pure essential oil which allow you to style your hair in tousled texture with added moisture and a tropical scent. The spray is packaged in an eco-friendly way and comes in a generous size of four ounces of a glass bottle. The sea salt spray is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to style her hair in waves.
Scented Candles Jasmine, Lotus, Lilac Blossoms & White Gardenia, Natural Soy Wax Portable Travel Tin Candle

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The scented candle set comes with four fragrances: white gardenia, jasmine, lotus, and lilac. It is a portable tin candle which you can seal and take anywhere you like. Each of the candles delivers a burn time of twelve to fifteen hours. The candle set is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to burn candles to elevate the atmosphere at home or office. The candles are made of eco-friendly 100% soy and are naturally biodegradable. It is advisable to burn candles on a heat resistant surface and not near anything which is inflammable. Do not burn it longer than two hours each time.
I DO YOGA – Just Kidding… I Drink Wine in Yoga Pants Wine Glass
Add laughter to your favorite wine drinking. It is a great gift for a 35 year old woman who does yoga or has been meaning to start yoga but hasn’t gotten around to it. The stemless glass holds fifteen ounces and feels good in the hand and while you pour. The printing on the wine glass is hand etched and the glass is made of lead-free material. It is a dishwasher safe and proudly made in the USA. The text will never wear off despite regular usage. It is not a cheap novelty gift but rather, you will find yourself reaching for it again and again.
Bar Set – 7 Piece Cocktail Martini Shaker Set with Organizer Stand and Accessories

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
Gift any 35 year old woman in your life the freedom to make her own drink in the privacy of her own home. The bat set will let you express your love to your friends and family whenever they visit. The stainless steel bar tool set is a great way to show your pride while entertaining. The martini shaker set includes a large 550 ml/ 18.5 ounces stainless steel shaker, ice tongs, double jigger, heavy-duty bottle/can opener, bar spoon, heavy duty cheese knife and a strainer in its own beautiful wooden stand. Make your favorite martini at home and relax on your deck or patio or watch your favorite game or show in your recliner.
Monkey Business Write On Icing Decorating Tool
The write on icing decorating tool is the perfect way to have some fun with the cookie, cake or plate decoration. Add an elegant touch to parties and craft sessions. The decorating tool is very easy to use and is suitable for both left or right-handed users. The silicone is top rack dishwasher safe. The icing tool can be used with sauces, frosting, gels, honey, etc. It will help you get a nice even line with the single tip which makes it easy to draw patterns or outline. It is suitable for kids too. It is a good gift idea for everyone.
DecoBREEZE Table Fan Single Speed Electric Circulating Figurine Fan, 4 in, Hummingbird

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
Add a stylish and decorative figurine fan to take your home or office décor to the next level. It is a colorful hummingbird figurine. The circulating fan is of single speed and has twenty wattages. The electric fan is portable so it can be transported anywhere you like. It is approved tested to UL Standard 536. It is one of kind gift idea for any 35 year old woman who likes to add interesting yet functional pieces to her home décor.
Etude House My Beauty Tool Exfoliating Jellyfish Silicon Brush
The jellyfish silicon brush is cleansing brush and a foaming sponge in one. It softly cleanses every pore of your skin and delivers a refreshing sensation. The brush is low maintenance. It dries faster and is easier to keep clean. The brush and sponge can be separated to be dried thoroughly. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to add functional tools to her skincare regime. The jellyfish silicon brush makes the cleansing time enjoyable. The brush has a soft and funny texture which will take your daily skin cleansing routine to the next level.

Summer Beach Sea Nautical Magnetic Wine Glass Charms or Cocktail Markers for Making Your Drink Unique

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The wine glass charms make these the best gift for wine loving 35 year old woman. If she loves to host wine parties, the unique wine glass markers will make a lasting impression at any party. They can be great conversation starters. The set of twelve wine glass charms are right for the beach lovers and these arrive in an elegant clear top gift box. These make the perfect housewarming gift for a beach house. These magnetic wine glass charms are better than regular hoop markers in two ways: first, they don’t clank or detangle when you take a sip and second, they also stick in the stem fewer wine glasses. You can use these on champagne flutes, martini glasses, and beer mugs. Buy these as a gift for a 35 year old woman who likes her wine and always hosts.

Creative 35th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

NBHUZEHUA Glass Mug Cup for Coffee Tea Milk 08

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The tall glass mug is ideal for your coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other hot beverage. You can put this into everyday use or whip them out when you are entertaining. The glass looks beautiful with the flower decoration on it paired with a butterfly. It is also a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to drink any hot beverage every day. Twelve ounces of liquid can be poured into it. The glass comes with one spoon, one coaster, and one cleaning cloth.
Totally Bamboo Pineapple Shaped Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The pineapple shaped chopping board works well as a serving board as well. The construction of the cutting board is of flat grain and is durable. The serving board will not wear out with heavy use of a knife. It adds a tropical flavor to your kitchen. There is a hanging hole included along with a tie which makes this cutting board as an attractive wall art option as well. The chopping board needs simple hand wash or it can be wiped with a damp cloth. It is not advisable to soak in water or use it in a dishwasher. Bamboo is an incredibly durable material and safe for the environment to boot. It is a renewable resource which doesn’t need clear cutting, pesticides, replanting or artificial irrigation. Gift this cutting board to any 35 year old woman and she will appreciate the daily use of this.
Tea Forté KATI Cup Ceramic Tea Brewing Cup with Infuser Basket and Lid

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The ceramic tea brewing cup is the best option to steep loose leaf tea. It features a double wall ceramic tumbler, a stainless steel infuser basket and a lid to keep your favorite tea hot while steeping. The cup can perfectly steep twelve ounces of tea using any loose tea leaves; place the filter atop the basket and on top of the lid when you are done steeping. The infusing basket is quick to clean and ensures the tea leaves stay inside with no residue left in your cup. The ceramic cup is sturdy and will last a long time. The cup won’t be too hot to hold due to the insulated double wall. The inside of the insulated wall keeps the tea warmer for longer. The design of the ceramic tea brewing cup is elegant and beautiful. The brewing cup is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to drink steeped loose leaf tea.
Marseille Soap Marius Fabre 14.1 Oz

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The soap is completely natural and is made of 72% olive oil. The brand has been making natural soaps since 1900. There is no coloring or synthetic additives added to the soap. The 72% composition of olive oil is stamped on the soap. The soap comes with exceptional purity and is gentle on the skin. The natural ingredients of the soap make it all the more effective on the skin. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to use natural soaps on her skin.
Gourmet BBQ Picnic Basket – Picnic and Beyond

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The barbecue picnic basket contains four sets of flatware with plastic handle and one set of three barbecue tools. You will also get four ceramic plates, four wine glasses as well as four napkins. There are one cooler bag and one opener inside the picnic basket. The picnic basket comes handy for a 35 year old woman who likes to have picnics in the park with friends and family. It is a great gift idea too.
S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The vacuum insulated water bottle keeps your hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24. The other features of the stainless steel water bottle are 18/8 double-walled stainless steel which is nontoxic, BPA free and non-leaching. It means the contents of the bottle will not be mixed with the nasty residuals of the harmful material of cheap insulated bottles. There are two sizes available for the insulated bottle, nine ounces, and seventeen ounces. The 25 ounces of the water bottle can hold an entire bottle of wine. The bottle doesn’t condensate. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who is always on the go and likes to maintain the taste and temperature of her drinks. The bottle not only looks great but is extremely functional.
Paddywax Relish Collection Scented Soy Wax Jar Candle

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The brand offers their signature soy wax candle with sea salt and ocean tide. The soy candle is hand poured in a 9.5 ounces aqua jar. The candle burns for sixty hours. The soy wax candle is proudly made in the USA. The candle comes in a vintage reusable jar. The jar can be used as a home décor, makers, and craters. The scent of the candle is delicious and is available in seven distinct colors. The wax candle is hand treated which makes them even more special. The soy wax candle is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to burn candles regularly.
Tealyra – rapidTEA MAKER

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The tea maker is convenient and innovative. The tea infuser and teapot are made with 100% BPA free Tritan. The tea infuser infuses both tea and coffee. The heat is preserved by shutting the lid when the coffee is brewing and the tea is infusing. The coaster prevents any drips. The fine mesh strainer is quick and easy to clean. Swish warm water once or twice and it perfectly cleans the infuser. The tea maker will be your favorite thing to use on a busy morning. It is simple to use and offers a no-mess cleanup. All you need to do is add tea and hot water to brew the best tasting cup of loose leaf tea. The tea brewer has a capacity of sixteen ounces. The coffee brewer is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to drink tea or coffee every morning.
Corkcicle Air 4-in-1 Chiller, Aerator, Pourer, Stopper

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
Drink chilled white wine and cool down the room temperature of the red ones with this four-in-one chiller, aerator, pourer, and stopper. The unique freezing gel works very well with all types of wine. The handy little tool is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to kick back every evening with her favorite wine. The tool also enhances the aromatic profile of any wine with the built-in aerator. The tool aids for easy serving with the help of easy pour. It is made with BPA-free plastic and nontoxic freeze gel.
Clay In Motion Handmade Ceramic Medium Mug 16oz – Mountain Meadows

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The medium sized mug comes with the capacity of sixteen ounces and is hand-made and hand decorated. The pattern of the mug is mountain meadows. Each piece is uniquely designed to make sure you get to appreciate the specialty of handmade items. So expect a little color variation between items. The mug is lead-free and you can conveniently use it in a microwave, an oven or even a dishwasher. The handmade mug adds a unique touch to your home décor. The clay used in the mug is of high quality. The brand conducts a twelve-step inspection of each item which ensures you receive their finest creation. The handmade mug is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to include handmade items in her everyday life and kitchen décor.
Martini FREEZE Cooling Cups

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
Use the cooling cups to make frozen concoctions. Freeze the cooling cups for at least 2 hours to make your drink temperature between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the cups in the freezer all the time so that whenever you get a hankering for a chilled martini, they are ready to use. The brand uses dietary cooling gel to ensure the safety of your drinks. The BPA free acrylic walls of the cooling ups use the brand’s proprietary cooling gel. The gel has been crafted in the house to maintain the beverage’s temperature for hours. The insulated silicone band on each cup aids for comfortable holding. You can clean them in a dishwasher on the top rack. The set consists of two cups which each hold nine ounces. The cooling cups are a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to decompress at the end of the day with a chilled martini.
CraveBox – Healthy Snacks Care Package

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The snacks care package consists of a handpicked variety of snacks to satisfy your cravings. The snacks include granola bars, fruit snacks, and popcorn which perfectly pair the salty and sweet tastes. There is enough variety for the entire family. It is also a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who is in college and needs something as an extra boost for the finals week. Her friends will really like these snacks and is a good alternative to a healthy survival kit. It is essential to dorm rooms.
Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket Super Soft Reversible Ultra Luxurious Plush Blanket

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The blanket perfectly marries quality and softness. It will let you snuggle up with a cloud. The greatest and the best fabric is used to manufacture it. The material feels ridiculously soft. It is super soft microfiber cashmere velvet and once you reverse it, you get ultra-plush faux sheepskin throw blanket. The blanket will definitely supersede your expectations. It is also a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to snuggle up in soft blankets. The size is appropriate for all. And it can be used in guest room, bedroom, kid’s room, living room, vacation home, or in your RV. The quality and the softness is not different whichever way you turn it. The blanket feels ultra-comfortable, ultra plush and cozy and gives an elegant upscale look. It is machine washable in cold water which makes it very low maintenance.
DecoBREEZE Table Fan Single Speed Electric Circulating Figurine Fan, 4 in, Small Cat

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
Include this two in one fan and décor item in your home. The fan offers single speed and carries 20 wattages. It has been approved tested to UL standard 536. The fan is of small size and is portable and can be easily movable to any place you wish. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman, especially as a housewarming present. If she happens to be a cat lover, then this fan will become an essential part of her décor. The adorable cat figurine brightens your day whenever you see it. It is also a great conversation piece.
Tea Forte PUGG 24oz Ceramic Teapot

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
Make the perfect tea for two. The capacity of the teapot is twenty-four ounces which is ideal for you and your friend. The ceramic pot is durable and glass glazed with a hinged lid. The stainless steel tea infuser comes with an improved design for brewing your favorite loose leaf tea but can also be used with a tea bag. You can clean it in a dishwasher or by hand with warm soapy water. There are six designs available for you to choose from. It is an ideal gift idea for a tea lover.
Paws Off Glass Markers

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The colored kittens look adorable and help you remember your drink when at a party. The silicone is dishwasher safe. The cute glass markers fit on cans, glasses, and stemware. Each of the charms is tiny and only measures 1.25 inches. The charms add an extra flair to each glass. These affordable glass markers are an excellent gift idea for a 35 year old woman who entertains her friends and family with the best beverages.

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman

Jonathan Adler Vodka Pop Scented Candle

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The approximate burn time of the Vodka pop scented candle is forty hours. The candle is of seven and a half ounces. The vessel in which the candle comes is reusable and you would love to keep the chic glass vessel. The scent of the candle is a mixture of notes like pink grapefruit, zest lime slices, crushes cilantro, bamboo water, tonic spritzer, gin accord, sheer woods and fresh musk. The candle is a great gift idea for a chic 35 year old woman.
Arrowhead Bay Real Bamboo Cutting and Serving Board

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The cutting board comes in Michigan shape and measures 13 by 11 inches. The serving board is made of durable and beautiful bamboo and should be hand washed with warm water. Use the board as a bar board, cheese tray or a conversation starter. It is also a piece which can be hung on the wall using the rustic hanging loop. The serving board can be used both outdoor and indoor entertaining. It is also a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman whose home state is Michigan or a fan of the state. It is advisable to use food safe mineral oil every few days during the first month of use. Pour a little extra amount of mineral oil on the board and use a dedicated clean dish towel to rub on it. If you notice a thick oil layer on the board, let it rest and it will be absorbed in no time. Do it three times to ensure there are no dry or extra thirsty spots.
Artisan Black Slate Serving Slab and Board for Cheese

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The cheese board is a serving platter which is locally sourced from the co-founder’s quarry in upstate New York. You will receive a one of a kind board which has been hand selected and carefully shaped. Each slate is chipped by hand to make sure no two cheeseboards look alike. The cheeseboard also includes a piece of soapstone chalk for you to write which kinds of smoked meats, cheese or hors d’oeuvres are being served. The cheese board combines natural and elegance and makes a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who plays a hostess on the regular.
Victrola Nostalgic Classic Wood 6-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable Entertainment Center, Espresso

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The turntable comes in 3-speed options and plays all of your favorite vinyl records and albums. There is also an option to wirelessly play music with the built-in Bluetooth. No cords are required. There is a built-in FM radio, cassette player, and CD player. If you don’t want to play music via Bluetooth then connect the 3.5mm aux-in cable to play any music from the non-Bluetooth device. With Bluetooth, you can stream music wirelessly within 33 feet. Just connect and play. It is an excellent gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes vintage items.
Smart Tart Funny Wine Glass Id Give Up Wine But I’m No Quitter
Wine-loving 35 year old woman will love this. The funny glass is stemmed less and comes with a profound message. The lettering is done in rich gold metallic which looks wonderfully visible all of the white, red and rose wine. The lettering is fire sealed after printing on the glass to ensure it won’t wear off and is permanent. It is a fun gift with a serious message too. The glass is of restaurant quality. You can rest assured that the design will not wash or wear off. The capacity of the wine glass is seventeen ounces. As any wine lover would know that wine needs air to reach its full potential, so while filling the glass just let it reach till the wine reaches the glass’ widest point so that there is plenty of room for it to breathe in oxygen. It is recommended to hand wash it.

Brookstone Wired Cat Ear Headphones

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The speakers and headphones in one give you the option to enjoy your music privately or with your friends. The over the ear cushioning helps in noise reduction and offer a secure fit. The headphones are USB rechargeable and provide up to five hours of playing time every time you charge. You can easily control the music and volume using forward and back buttons and inline volume control. The lights and speakers are controlled separately. The headphones are a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes music. The headphones look very cute with the cat ears design. The headphones are also very good for playing games. Just plug in the detachable boom mic and you are set to use it your headset. Game on!
Backyard Safari Company Grow Gardens, Greens
The company’s tagline is growing happiness in small spaces, and rightfully so. The gardening kit includes everything you need to begin to work your own Greens Garden. There is also tasty salad recipes included. The kit features starter soil, six packages of organic and heirloom seeds, wooden plant ID skates, salad recipes, growing instructions, a pencil and 100% recycled fiber egg carton planter. The seeds are of freckles romaine, Tuscan kale, Bloomsdale spinach, Mache, rainbow chars, and arugula. The grow gardens kit is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who is looking to start her own garden in the backyard.
Onlywax Scented Candles Soy Wax 3 Wick Tin

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The soy wax candle has all natural ingredients like vegetable wax base, geranium oil, fragrance, lead-free cotton wick. The candle can be lit both indoor and outdoor. It provides aromatherapy and helps to create a mood to enhance the atmosphere and aid relaxation for you and your family and friends. The soy wax is healthier and allows clean burning. These also last longer than paraffin candles. You can expect a burn time of sixty to seventy hours. The candle is crafted with eco-friendly and naturally biodegradable pure soy wax. The soy candle is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who appreciates high-end candles and uses them to elevate the ambiance.
NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser- Apricot Tea

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The fragrance of the reed diffuser is English apricot which is wrapped in the richness of black tea leaves and paired with bergamot and golden amber. The glass vessel adds to the beauty of the candle and complements your home décor. The classic shape and modern stripe are hard to miss. The diffuser formula is alcohol-free which gradually releases the fragrance and lasts for approximately 3 months. The diffuser works excellently to enhance your everyday living and entertaining experience. Only the best of the fragrance oils are used to craft the diffuser and it fills your abode with lush and memorable scent. The brand offers first of its kind, liquid less diffuser using state of the art ScentSticks (patent pending) technology to release your favorite scent without the need for a liquid or flame. It is spill proof and seeks no maintenance. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes expensive scents which last and last.
Umbra Prisma Decorative Accents, Set of 6
The decorative pieces include six geometric shapes which can be arranged any way the homeowner likes. These are made with steel wire and given a brass finish. You can hang the decorative accents from the ceiling or mount them on the wall or place them on any table surface. The plastic clips are used to join two pieces together to display your individual style. The mounting hardware comes with the set. These can be a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman at her housewarming party. The brass accents help you decorate your home in a pinch. Include eye-catching metal wall art without breaking the bank. Update your home regularly by rearranging the brass pieces to bring in something new constantly.
Bath Bombs All Natural Gift Set with Epsom Salt

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The bath bombs are of premium quality and have been handmade from the finest of all natural ingredients. The set contains large size bath bombs with different scents. You will get Eucalyptus Wave, Lavender Sky, Monkey Farts, Mango—papaya Island, Blossom Euphoria and Cedarwood Forest. There are no dyes added to the bath bombs and these are vegan and gluten-free. The bath bomb doesn’t contain phthalates, parabens, and SLS. The bath bomb set is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes takes long relaxing baths and enjoys handmade bath bombs. The size of the bath bombs are of tennis ball size and have dried flower petals which enhances the experience of taking baths. The bath bombs have left no stain which means no after bath cleans up required. These don’t leave a ring in the bathtub as the colors dissolve completely.
The tea gift set comes with 5 traditional teas in mini tins which can be enjoyed any of the days. The flavors include Russian Morning, Earl Grey, and Decaffeinated Earl Frey with citrus fruit, Kashmir chai, and Jasmine Green Tea. It is the perfect gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes tasting new flavors of teas or you buy these to treat yourself. There is also a mesh tea infuser spoon. Each of the mini tea tin contains .88 oz.
Tea Cup Coffee Mug Cups Clear Glass & Spoon

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
Once you lay eyes on this beautiful mug, you will realize this is one of the most beautiful mugs you have ever seen. The flower teacup is a dreamy looking mug with rose flower and butterfly designs. The mug is clear and translucent and will come to be your favorite glassware. The stunning mug can also be used as a piece of kitchen décor. The brand makes unique handmade teacups which are made by skillful professional craftspeople who create with attention to detail. Since all the mugs are handmade, no two mugs are identical and you will receive a unique piece. The cup also comes with a matching stainless spoon for you to stir sugar in coffee or tea with style. The spoon can withstand hot drinks as it is made of stainless steel. It is okay to use it with boiling hot liquids. Use this mug to drink any of your favorite drink in it like juice, lemonade, coffee, wine, tea, water or cocktails. The gorgeous handmade mug is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to include unique pieces to her everyday kitchen essentials.
Large 20 oz Sriracha Hot Sauce Red And Green Ceramic Mug
The Fong Foods licensed mug is of the large capacity of twenty ounces. If you are a sriracha lover, then you will definitely like drinking your favorite tea or coffee in this huge twenty ounces of sriracha mug as we know sometimes, 12 ounces of coffee doesn’t cut it. The ceramic cup can be used to serve and eat anything like cereal, milk, soup, oatmeal, ice cream, soda, jack and coke, juice, etc. The combination of green interior and red exterior along with the green handle looks attractive. The handle is extremely comfortable too. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to use a multi-purpose mug and happens to be a fan of sriracha.
Bodum COLUMBIA Coffee Maker

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The coffee maker takes only minutes to make the perfect cup of tea or coffee. All you have to do is add coarse ground coffee, hot water and push press. Voila! You have your favorite coffee ready. The double wall stainless steel construction of the coffee maker keeps the beverage hot for 2 hours so that you can leisurely enjoy your coffee without the rest of it getting cold. The plunger is made of 3 part stainless steel and has a mesh filter which aids in extracting coffee’s subtle flavors and aromatic oils instead of being absorbed by a paper filter. The patented safety lid of the coffee press prevents the coffee from spilling. You can clean the coffee press in a dishwasher for easy and quick cleaning. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who is a coffee drinker as the machine will find regular use in her everyday life. The coffee press can hold eight cups of tea or coffee, 4 ounces each totaling 32 ounces.

Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman

Two’s Company 42941 Be A Unicorn Mug
The unicorn mug looks eye-catching and can be a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman. The mug’s beautiful design is hard to miss and will be a great conversation starter. It is recommended to hand wash it. There is a stirrer included. It is not advisable to microwave the mug. The mug is made of ceramic and can hold twelve ounces. It is made of food safe material.
Herbivore Botanicals – All Natural Coco Rose Body Polish

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The body polish is very moisturizing and gently exfoliating. It has a delicate floral Moroccan rose scent and leaves your skin soft and hydrated with a light scent of rose petals and coconut. The body polish doesn’t contain artificial ingredients, parabens, fillers, alcohol, fragrances, artificial colors, sulfates, animal ingredients or unnatural preservatives. The brand makes the body polish in small batches in the US. The product comes in a jar of eight ounces and is enough to be used generously on the body. The sugar in the rose body polish makes the skin glow. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who wants to take her body skincare routine up a notch. The coconut oil is rich in many proteins which keep the skin healthy and rejuvenated and also contribute to other cellular tissue and health repair.
Umbra Anigram Ring Holder, Cat, Copper
The copper plated metal ring holder features a padded base to protect the surfaces on which it is placed. Place the ring holder near a sink to store rings when you are busy cooking or washing hands. It is a practical gift idea for a 35 year old woman who can definitely find a use for it. The design of the ring holder is casual and modern and offers a function which anyone needs.
PureSpa Natural Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The aromatherapy oil diffuser uses all natural essential oil to make an aroma coverage which lasts for ten hours and covers up to 250 square feet. The oil diffuser provides an ultrasonic operation which is gentle and whisper like and is fit to use in an office, yoga studio, nursery, spa or any room of your home. The diffuser is the perfect way to deodorize air of pet odors, strong tobacco, etc. You won’t have to worry about overheating as it automatically shuts off ensuring safe use. The faux wood accents look elegant and the color changing LED lighting matches any décor while elevating the room atmosphere. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes to use an oil diffuser to create a relaxing ambiance.
Decodyne Wildlife Series Coffee Mug
Imagine yourself in the wilderness with the wildlife series ceramic coffee mug with the jungle and bamboo forest pattern printed on it. The 3D parrot, panda or frog is attached to the mug. The mug has the texture and has been painted in a way to mimic a tree branch, a piece of bamboo or a vine. The mug has crafted with high quality materials and is of fourteen ounces capacity. The image of the animal will not flake off or peel with use. It is advised to hand wash it to protect the handles. The fourteen-ounce mug is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who is an animal lover.
Herbivore Botanicals – Natural Coco Rose Lip Conditioner

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The coco rose lip conditioner combines organic coconut oil and Bulgarian rose absolute to hydrate, heal, protect, smooth and soften your lips. The lip conditioner is one of the easiest ways to get luscious lips. The lip conditioner has no fillers, artificial ingredients, alcohol, parabens, fragrances, artificial colors, animal ingredients, sulfates or unnatural preservatives. The lip balm is made in small batches in the US. The 4.8gm jar is good enough to last you for a while. Now, get the perfect pout in one step. Your lips will never chap again. The lip conditioner is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who likes quality products in her skincare routine.
Chef’s Jar – Fleur de Sel de Guérande
The professional gourmet salt is created by professional chefs who have used the best sea salt to be used for culinary purposes to provide you with light, delicate flavor and moist texture along with high mineral content. The gourmet salt is made by procuring only the salt crystals which have formed on the top layer. They skim only the very surface of the salt ponds. The salt is certified by Nature and Progres Institute in France which is a strict certification process which ensures excellence and purity. The gourmet salt has natural fine grain which is neither crushed nor ground. The salt doesn’t contain any soy, dairy, MSG, gluten, or anti-caking agents. The gourmet salt is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who is an amateur or professional chef.
Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The journal encourages you to appreciate each day to find delight in your work, your insights, your surroundings, your relationships or your actions. It will guide you to look outside and inside of yourself to find and appreciate what makes you happiest. The journal contains exercises and prompts, along with the wise words of writers, philosophers, musicians and leaders which will help you ponder what gives you the most joy. After journaling for a while, you will begin to measure your happiness and after a year, your smile will be bigger than ever. It is a stupendous gift idea for a 35 year old woman whom you want to encourage on a happier path especially if she has gone through a rough patch and could use some guidance. We all have been there.
Wonder Woman Through the Years Coffee Mug
The wonder of Wonder Woman is never-ending. She has battled the evil for generations and now you can witness how she has evolved since her first appearance in 1941. The twelve-ounce mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. The Wonder Woman mug comes in a colorful box. Drink your favorite tea or coffee out of it and appreciate the grit and courage of the Wonder Woman. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who is a Wonder Woman fan.
Indulgent Selection Gift Box

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The gourmet coffee gift basket features the brand’s best-flavored coffee and roasts. You will also find their specialty, Arabica coffee, and flavored coffee. The gourmet coffee gift basket is lactose-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free, gluten free and kosher. Each of the sampler in the gift basket can prepare six to eight cups of coffee, which is, of course, depending on your preferred brewing strength. All of the coffee samplers are freshly ground for Automatic Drip. The gourmet coffee gift box is a great gift idea for a coffee loving woman.
Slant Mr & Mrs Stemless Wine Glasses- Set of 2
The set of two wine glasses is a great wedding or shower gift for a 35 year old woman. The set contains two stem-less wine glasses. Both of the glasses feature Mr and Mrs in gold lettering. You can hold twenty ounces of wine in each of the glasses.
Thymes – Fragrant Gingerbread Wax Candle with 60-Hour Burn Time

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The gingerbread candles are perfect for the holidays. Gift a candle or two to the woman who is special in your life. The scent is a mix of spicy cardamom, golden amber, crystallized ginger and fresh ground cinnamon. The brand uses high quality wax which is food grade paraffin wax. The wick is non-metal to deliver a higher quality of scent, color and a burn of sixty hours. The spicy and warm notes set the mood for the special moments which make way for life stories and at the same time create a tradition to share and savor. The gingerbread candle elevates the ambiance with a delectably spiced scent which is comforting and inviting. The unique scent adds a special touch to your style. The candle comes in a stylish packaging which makes for the perfect gift on its own or in a combination of other high quality items from the same brand.
Cilio Stainless Steel Champagne Sealer
The stainless steel champagne sealer is 100% leak-proof. It creates an airtight seal on the bottle. The sealer can be used even with the bottle lying down so that you can horizontally store them in the fridge. To seal the champagne bottle, pull down over the bottle and when you are ready to unseal, push the button and lift off. It is that easy. The champagne sealer is made of the brushed stainless steel shell. You can conveniently use the sealer in a dishwasher. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who is a champagne enthusiast.
Golden State Fruit Sweet Bloom Dried Fruit Deluxe Basket

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The deluxe fruit basket is a floral like arrangement of famous dried fruits. Surrounded by a lot of dried peaches, dried apricots and pears is a kiwi center. There are fresh prunes, dates and dried Angelino plums. The snack basket is perfect for ages eight to ten. The gift basket is Kosher Certified OU. Send your sentiments to any woman in your life with tender and sweet dried fruits. The gift basket also is the perfect way to conveying a thoughtful Thank You, or an everyday gift.
Broadway Basketeers Token of Appreciation Gift Tower
The appreciation gift tower is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman whom you wish to say Thank You, wish her Happy Birthday, convey that you are thinking of her, or any occasion for that matter. It is also a goof gift basket for friends and family, or as a corporate gift. The Gift tower features double dipped milk chocolate peanuts, gourmet caramel popcorn, crème Brulee sweet mix, oven roasted garlic and parmesan pita chips, soft vanilla apple caramels, and chocolate chip cappuccino cookies. The gift set is Kosher Certified OK D.
Godiva Assorted Chocolate Gold Favor, 4 Piece Gift Pack

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The chocolate box includes a four-piece assorted Godiva fine chocolates in a gold box which makes the perfect gift for a chocolate-loving woman. The classic flavors include raspberry puree and sweet white chocolate, creamy milk chocolate praline and ganache and chocolate caramel. The set of refined chocolate is the ideal choice for gifting. The chocolates are crafted with the finest Belgian fillings and presented in delicate milk chocolate and dark chocolate shells. The chocolate box will delight the gift recipient and will leave a lasting impression. Give this gift to bridal parties, birthday parties, baby showers or any celebration.
My Audio Pet Gen 1 Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless Speaker
The wireless speaker gives a rich, clear and impressive sound quality with a robust base which will take you by surprise. The 3W audio driver packs a punch. The animal speaker can be wirelessly connected to your tablet, smartphone or any other Bluetooth enabled device. Remotely activate camera with selfie feature. It is perfect for Youtubers or who make videos for other purposes. The compact size of the wireless speaker fits anywhere. It is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who is an animal lover and loves neat technology. The speaker can be recharged in a jiffy with the extended 24” USB cable. These little guys will amaze you. You can take your party anywhere you like. The hands-free capabilities are functional.
Pure Body Natural Essential Oils Set, 100% Pure Aromatherapy Diffuser Oils

Best Gift Ideas for a 35 Year Old Woman
The essential oils set comes with six 10 ml bottles for aromatherapy uses. The diffuser essential oils include peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, orange oil, lemongrass oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil. The essential oils can also be used for beauty purposes, homemade remedies, cleaners, etc. The natural essential oils promote a well balanced immune system, reduce effects of anxiety or stress and naturally boost energy. The brand strives to foster sustainable partnerships with artisan distillers around the world to present you with safe and tested essential oils. The gift set is a great gift idea for a 35 year old woman who is an essential oils enthusiast. All the essential oils are cold pressed and steam distilled. They are concentrated so use them sparingly.